Jay Lluvido

Jay Lluvido

Senior Accountant

Jay is a seasoned professional with a Bachelor’s in Accounting degree, CPA accreditation, and tax accounting experience in private practice from working in various accounting firms across Australia.

With a deep understanding of Australian tax laws and regulations, Jay has helped numerous individuals and businesses navigate complex tax matters, minimise liabilities, and optimise their financial outcomes. His experience encompasses a wide range of industries, including real estate, health, hospitality, technology, and trade and manufacturing, allowing him to provide tailored tax solutions to clients with diverse needs and objectives.

Jay has developed a reputation throughout his career for his client-centric approach, prioritising clear communication, personalised service, and attention to detail. He works closely with his clients to understand their goals and challenges, offering proactive advice and practical solutions to help them achieve tax efficiency and compliance.

What we really love about Jay is his tenacity and passion for using technology to drive efficiency! Jay is also just an absolute delight to talk to and we love having him part of our team!