Ryan Bultitude

Ryan Bultitude

Founder and Director – The Elite Builder and Strategiq Advisory

Strategiq Advisory is the parent company of Elite Builder, with its founder, Ryan Bultitude, at the helm since 2018. Initially, Ryan was the company’s only accountant and financial planner, but he has since significantly expanded the client portfolio and staff.

Ryan’s 15+ years of experience in accounting and finance have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and skills, including being a CPA qualified Accountant, Financial Adviser (DipFP), SMSF Specialist, and Direct Equity Specialist. Ryan is not your average accountant or business advisor; he is a visionary and transformation thought leader. His strategic approach has significantly improved the wealth position of numerous businesses and their owners, transforming them into multi-million-dollar entities.

Ryan loves helping people, and his charismatic and person focused approach makes him highly sought after as a coach and advisor. He approaches business challenges by breaking barriers down, asking the right questions, and identifying simple strategies that can be easily implemented. His biggest passion area is property. After nailing some personal property developments and coaching builders through the process, particularly guiding the financial and feasibility elements, he realised that there was an enormous opportunity for builders to transform into developers…and this is how The Elite Builder was born.

Since, Ryan and his team have continued to transform more and more builders into developers, and they now work with some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious builders, turned developers. Something that they all have in common is their feedback about Ryan. They say they couldn’t have become a developer without him. He fills them with confidence through encouragement, removing limitations, and providing them the specific plans, strategies, and numbers to achieve maximum profits – in business and development.

Ryan’s family is the reason he works as hard as he does. He is dad to Orlando and Havannah, and husband to Lara. He loves travelling and spending time with the family, fitness, and continued personal development. He is absolutely obsessed with property and is always moving through projects!