How Mike Pearson, Founder of Magic Sports Nutrition Reached Over x10 Sales Revenue in 1-month

How Mike Pearson, Founder of Magic Sports Nutrition Reached Over x10 Sales Revenue in 1-month

Starting your own business is one of the hardest things to do because the odds are not always in your favour. On average, 75 percent of small businesses will struggle to survive due to a variety of factors and during COVID-19 this couldn’t be more apparent. Magic Nutrition Supplements is a leading brand in premium nutrition supplements founded by world famous bodybuilder, Mike Pearson. Mike has built a strong personal brand and the product has gained a lot of traction in the sports nutrition supplements space.

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  • Make x10 in product sales over one month


  • Massive Action
  • Support
  • Change the narrative
  • Belief


  • 10x product sales over one month
  • #1 business development rep in the company
  • Grew and scaled business over 12 months

Where it all began

Before Mike became a bodybuilder, he started out with humble beginnings. His childhood consisted of donations from The Salvation Army, bouncing from foster care to juvenile detention centres with very little time to think about how to make a life for himself and where he fits in the world. When he discovered competitive bodybuilding, he knew it was his only way out to find a life that was constructive not destructive.

He finally found something that gave his life purpose. He knew that if he put forward immense dedication, he would be able to turn his passions into a profitable lifestyle.

When he was 17, he entered his first competition and came in 2nd place. That was when Mike had his first epiphany that he had potential to do big things with his life. Second place was not good enough and he was determined to prove it to himself that he could do better.

He started to believe in himself and change his mindset and after that, he didn’t skip a beat. Over the next couple of months, he was fully committed to become a world-class bodybuilder. He focused all his energy on his goals and didn’t take any shortcuts.

Mike was 23 years old when he won his first Mr. Universe title, two years in a row. As he started to gain traction around the world, his name and personal brand reach was skyrocketing. It became more than just a hobby, a competition, or a career.


From Bodybuilding to Business

Mike’s passion for bodybuilding was always tied to his passion for sports, nutrition, training and being regimented.

He began to envision how he wanted to combine the two worlds- bodybuilding and business. It’s always a wise decision to go into business with something you’re passionate about so as time went on, the link between his two passions became more apparent. Mike had plenty of paying contracts from sports companies and nutrition sports companies so he was accumulating knowledge from each industry by engaging with clients in the stores, on social media, and in the gym.

As he began to see the value in being a leader in the space, he decided to turn his sponsors into his competitors by starting his own brand, Magic Sports Nutrition.

Most of us think that it should be easy for a bodybuilder influencer with a social media following to start a business. However, Mike learned very quickly that it takes a lot more than just a social media following to sell products and make a profit.

It was a steep learning curve to understand how a business operates. This included learning a lot of relationship-building skills, product knowledge, learning to create a forecast and much more.

Most importantly, it taught a new business owner how important it is to set yourself (and your business) up for success.

He wasn’t getting the results he anticipated and he couldn’t work out why.

“I guess the biggest thing was, if you’re underprepared, you’re preparing to fail so I was essentially overwhelmed and needed advice.”

Mike decided to reach out to Strategiq Business Advisers, because he knew he wanted to do better and be better, for himself and Magic Sports Nutrition.

“Things started to change when I called up Ryan and the team at SBA for advice. I learned very quickly that when I was prepared to get tasks moving, I was no longer afraid to step up and learn the things I needed to learn. I embraced the learning curve to produce massive action.”

We helped Mike recognise that he was operating from a level of inaction and needed to make a change in order to get results.

As a result, inaction was causing him to be overwhelmed by stress and hesitation.

It’s normal to have doubt, but in business, recurring limiting beliefs can cause inaction. Mike had moments where he thought “I’m not smart enough, I’m not the right person to do this.”


How did Mike change his situation?


  • Increased confidence got him to the next milestone, every time


Diamonds are formed under pressure

There were three days left before the end of the financial year. The business had some big things that needed to be ticked off the list before the end of financial year.

Mike turned to Ryan for advice.

What was it that changed your life?

“I’m going to be real with you. The difference is I just believed in myself and I had a stronger belief system now and that caused me to take action.”

“As soon as I changed my mindset and started operating from a place of action, I got results.

I knew the momentum of how you think and what you believe in, can transform your actions and then deliver the results.”


What was the MOST important key to your success?

The key to creating a successful business is belief. It’s not all about the marketing strategies or having every financial strategy- it’s believing in yourself and your business.

When Mike compared his self-belief and confidence that he had when it came to setting records in the gym or going on stage before an international bodybuilding competition, it was his self-belief and confidence that got him out of bed.


He began to apply the same mindset to business.

“Do you know what made it helpful for me to change my mindset? It was being able to call Ryan and tell him, this is the situation I’m in. Ryan would realign me with my goals, outcomes and remind me what my main concern should be during the week. He would tell me that it doesn’t matter how I do it, I just have to do it. His mentorship gave me the direction that I needed to know what had to happen to move forward. Yes, there were some problem-solving issues to work out, like stock issues and I just thought you know what, all I can do is try my absolute best.”

At the end of the day, Mike knew he had to find a way to meet the expectations and objectives being set out for him. By providing value to his customers, suppliers and manufacturers, even small wins were able to fuel his results.


How Mike met his KPIs and targets:

  • Take responsibility
    • If you are not seeing results with yourself or your team, take ownership of the tasks and objectives to make it happen
  • There is no “right” time
    • If you’re up at 5:30am and think it’s too early to send an email, think again. Figure out how to use your time efficiently and make the most out of the hours in the day
  • Focus on your thoughts before you do anything
    • Your thoughts create your feelings
    • Your feelings create your actions
    • Your actions create your results
    • Focus on your actions to see results
  • Change the narrative in your head
    • Positive affirmations go a long way and it will help you focus on the outcomes you wish to achieve rather than the obstacles in the way

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