What holds you back? Hint: It might be you

What holds you back? Hint: It might be you

When I was growing up, boxing was a hobby that I loved to watch on TV and randomly jump into a boxing gym for fun. It helped build up my confidence, determination, and fuelled my body with endurance and power but I never thought I could jump into a ring in a competitive setting. I never explored the opportunity as a kid to compete because the idea seemed too far-fetched. But as an adult, my mindset evolved.

I started to push my own personal boundaries and goals to do things I never thought I could do.


So, three years ago, I decided to enter my first boxing competition because I was ready to take on the challenge and dedicate myself to achieving my own personal goals.


I had the mindset to win and that’s exactly what I did. After weeks of training, coaching and dedication- I won the fight. Not only did I win, but I overcame a challenge and surpassed my personal best.


What holds you back? Hint: It might be you


Since then, I stopped doubting myself and I’ve maximised my potential to reach my personal goals.


About a year ago, I decided to get back into another old hobby- football.


It had been 20 years since I last played.


Although I was a bit nervous, I was confident and dedicated to getting back out on the field.


I was pretty rusty. I hadn’t played in years and I didn’t have the skills or experience, compared to other players on the field. However, I was determined to just get out there. If that meant falling down 7 times, I was going to get back up 8. So, I decided to hit the ground running (literally) and made a few tackles and confronted the challenge head on.


But there were times when I wanted to give up and back out. The one thing that kept me going was, I had phenomenal coaches in my corner. My coaches were always by my side to motivate, empower and support me to accomplish my goals.


In hindsight, I embraced the challenge as a learning opportunity and didn’t let the fear of being out of practice stop me from exploring new endeavours. I was fuelled with energy because I was confident and believed in my own capabilities to succeed. During the brief moments of doubt, I always had a supportive network in my corner.


What holds you back? Hint: It might be you


The same rules apply in business.


Business can be very stressful and demotivating if you don’t have the right people in your corner.


In order to see results, you have to believe in yourself and your success.


Majority of small- business owners don’t have a coach in their corner like I did, which makes it hard to continue to build and improve strategies to grow your business and keep a clear mindset. Throughout my life, whether it was sports or business, I’ve realised the importance of having 1-1 coaching as a support system and lifeline to tap into my true potential.


For example, COVID-19 showed us how a crisis can take hold and if you don’t have the right steps in place, you can get left behind entirely. Without best business practices in place, your business development will suffer and so will your mindset. It’s hard to see the road clearly with a cloudy vision. We all struggled to navigate our business and our lives during the global pandemic.


What if you could set yourself up for success to avoid crashing during a crisis or slow period?


If you have been complacent with your professional or business growth; feel stagnant without a clear idea of where to make your next move, let us help. We can help guide you to where you want to be and figure out the first next steps to get you back on your feet.


If you’re already up and running, we can help you navigate to your next milestone and surpass your current personal best goal.

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